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The Spirit of Gambo

A viola da gamba may appear as a peculiar blend – played with a bow, yet possessing seven strings and frets like a guitar. However, the viola da gamba has ancient roots; for 500 years, it has enchanted its listeners, continuing to captivate with its beautiful resonance to this day.

During the Baroque era, it became evident: the viola da gamba’s sound was unique in its ability to guide emotions to the listener’s heart. Thus, the viola da gamba assumed many impactful roles! Marais, the court gambist in Versailles, composed heavenly melodies that take listeners on a journey between dreams and reality. Here, the viola da gamba becomes a delightful storyteller. In Bach’s passions, it gently conveys the most heart-wrenching messages. However, one should not believe that the viola da gamba lacks temperament! Forqueray presented another side – raw and powerful is his music, and devilish was his playing. Captain Hume used the viola da gamba as a conduit for his humor and mood. The Spirit of Gambo has countless faces… Yet, the wonderful viola da gamba had a weakness – its weakness! The more powerful cello took over the viola da gamba’s place. Thus, it fell into oblivion.

A sparkling solo recital full of virtuosity, joy, and melancholy.

Old Dogs …cannot be taught to sit
Music and anecdotes about Frederick II of Prussia

Enlightened despot, musician, military strategist, philosopher – Frederick the Great is often described as the king of contradictions. He was known for diligently and successfully pursue his ideas. However, the plan to convince starving peasants to cultivate the then-unknown, nutritious potato proved to be a tough nut to crack. The suspicion surrounding the oval tuber ran deep, entangled with the strength of grain tradition and driven by the farmers‘ emotions, transcending rationality. Teaching old dogs to sit, it appeared, was no easy feat.

Over the years, Frederick became as stubborn as the farmers he once eagerly wanted to persuade and preferred the company of his dogs over his advisors. But stubbornness can also be a blessing – how fortunate we are that Frederick the Great loved music! With great generosity, he made the music scene flourish and develop in a unique direction – the Berlin School.

Cordial Consort, consisting of Emelie Roos, Dohyo Sol and me, performs a virtuoso program on recorder, viola da gamba, and lute

Featuring Georg Philipp Telemann’s ‚Parisian Quartets‘

Georg Philipp Telemann’s 12 Paris Quartets for three melodic instruments and continuo stand among the absolute classics. Created between 1730-1738, these compositions, with their rich variations and captivating immediacy, garnered resounding applause when Telemann was an esteemed guest in the French capital in 1737-38. Telemann’s journey to Paris was spurred by an invitation from flutist Michel Blavet, violinist Jean-Pierre Guignon, and gambist Jean-Baptiste Forqueray. Subsequently, he performed these quartets alongside the three musicians.

The quartets are notably unique for featuring three melodic instruments as equal partners—a stylistic rarity. Stylistically, these compositions blend German, French, and Italian influences seamlessly, embodying what Telemann termed „réunion des goûts,“ signifying a harmonious fusion of styles. Telemann himself expressed admiration for the quartets in a letter: „I should mention the admirable performances of my new quartets, but there are no words that can do them justice. They garnered attention both at court and in the city, earning me unanimous praise and increased recognition in a very short time.“

We offer concerts featuring these 12 exquisite quartets, and the performances can be tailored to your preferences. Whether presented in two concerts showcasing all quartets or a single concert with a selected repertoire, we are flexible. Additionally, we are happy to provide insights into the quartets upon request.

Meet the Sct. Mariæ Barokensemble:
Winnie Bugge Frandsen, traverso flute
Stefanie Barner, Baroque violin
Hanna Thiel, viola da gamba
Søren Gleerup Hansen, harpsichord

Power of Affection

Embark on a captivating journey with our program „Power of Affection,“ where we delve into the enchanting realms of two of history’s most delicately resonant instruments – the traverse flute and the viola da gamba. In this musical odyssey, we not only challenge the conventional notions of power but also intricately explore the art of crafting a magnetic and distinctive musical narrative, steering clear of the conventional allure of robust resonance.

Immerse yourself in the magic created by the symbiotic collaboration between us two musicians, where each note is woven with a sense of presence, fueled by an insatiable curiosity, and inspired by a deep-seated love for early music. Within this sonic tapestry, you’ll find the key elements that elevate this performance into an unforgettable experience.

Our repertoire unfurls pieces from the rich tapestries of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, showcasing the masterful compositions of Ortiz, Hotteterre, and Telemann. Yet, our musical journey doesn’t stop there; it gracefully meanders into the realms of folk music, seamlessly intertwining tradition with innovation. Join us as we breathe new life into centuries-old melodies and invite you to witness the beguiling fusion of historical elegance and contemporary creativity in „Power of Affection.“

ForTUNE, consisting of Winnie Bugge Frandsen and myself, performs a playful, creative and virtuoso program on early flutes and viols.


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