Despite calling Sweden home for ages now, my story kicked off in Germany. Chasing the dream of rustic life, my city-dwelling parents hopped on the green wave and landed in Lower Saxony, the heart of german agriculture. But their bucolic fantasy hit soon a slimy snag as snails made regular gourmet feasts out of our veggie garden. Our efforts to integrate into the local farming community were greeted with polite but cool reserve. But I enjoyed a very free and anti-authoritarian childhood and saw the world around me as a universe of possibilities, a place of creative unfolding and equal rights for all beings. However, this idea started to waver when the ‘fallen soldiers’ from neighboring pig farm were placed near our garden gate, sometimes turning it into an unintentional pork-themed art installation until the pickup truck made its inevitable rounds. This turned me into a vegetarian faster than you can say ‘sauerkraut’ ;).  But it also made me realize that the world is quite challanging and full of unexpected twists and turns!

As a teenager, I fell in love with music, became a professional viola da gambist and returned to the city: Berlin, my place of birth, then Umeå, Stockholm, and Bremen. My life revolved around concert venues and urban allure until my longing to calm down and ‘land’ somewhere grew stronger.

Nowadays, I live with my husband and our children in an in between zone: just outside a small town in the heart of Scania, roughly halfway between Berlin and Stockholm.

From here, I pursue my two main passions: music and planetary health, both personally and professionally, whether through commitment, action, or financial support. And I notice that professional music making and true sustainability aren’t actually as far apart as one might initially think – both involve a deep holistic perspective, a love for details, and the goal to achieve long-term well-being.

My Career

I was raised within a musical environment, as my mother served as a piano teacher. My musical journey began at the age of six when I took up playing the recorder and piano. At the age of 15, my passion shifted to the viola da gamba, becoming my primary instrument. Commencing my formal musical education in 2008 at Bremen’s University of Arts under the esteemed guidance of Professor Hille Perl, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Music/Viola da gamba in 2012.

Continuing my musical pursuits, I furthered my studies at the Royal Danish Conservatory in Copenhagen with Susie Napper as my mentor, culminating in the completion of my Master’s degree in 2014. I have had the privilege of participating in master classes conducted by renowned gambists such as Jordi Savall and Wieland Kuijken.

Over the past decade, I have dedicated myself to a career as a freelance musician, collaborating with esteemed groups such as Concerto Copenhagen, Höör Barock, Ensemble Mare Balticum, and Copenhagen Soloists. My musical endeavors extend to participation in festivals, concert production, teachings at workshops and contributions to several CD recordings.

In addition to these collaborations, I perform with my own ensembles: Violette de Nuit, Eos Consort, and Cordial Consort. My primary instrument is the bass gamba, although I enjoy exploring all sizes within the gamba family, as well as the lirone.

The halt in music performances due to the COVID-19 pandemic underscored the inherent vulnerability of my freelance life and reconsidered the need for greater financial security in my profession. Consequently, I seized the opportunity presented by the circumstances to align my lifelong commitment to environmental issues with my professional pursuits by returning to academia to attain a Bachelor’s degree in environmental strategy.

To augment my secondary education, I am presently engaged in advanced-level studies. Concurrently, I am fortifying my professional background through involvement in smaller-scale research and consulting projects within the realm of sustainability. For more information about finished and ongoing projects please check out ‘projects’ in the menue bar.