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Hanna grew up in Germany. With her mother being a pianoteacher she was surrounded by music ever since she was born. She began playing the recorder and piano at the age of 6. 8 years later she discovered the viol, and made it her main instrument. Hanna began her musical education at the University of Arts Bremen in 2008, studying the viol with Prof. Hille Perl. She achieved her bachelor of music in 2012. She continued her studies of early music at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen with Susie Napper (Master 2014). She has participated and performed in masterclasses with Jordi Savall, Wieland Kuijken and Marianne Müller. Hanna works as a freelance musician, and has performed with groups like Concerto Copenhagen, Nordic Network for early Opera, Weser Renaissance Bremen, Sirius Viols, Göteborg Barock, Höör Barockensemble, Spielgarten and Copenhagen Solists. She has played in festivals such as Copenhagen Renaissance Festival, Höör Barock and Trollhättan tidig musik dagar and in Danish Radio. She took part in several CD recordings. Hanna is also working with her own ensembles, such as Violette de Nuit,  Eos Consort and Black Rafinesquia. Hanna plays mainly bass viol, but also all other sizes in the violfamily, as well as Lirone.
Hanna Thiel